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We create curated & original content for your website.  We write blogs and articles content for value & search ranking.

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Content creation is a cornerstone asset for your website traffic.  Sharing content and consuming content is an everyday activity of people using the Internet. By creating original content, we help you increase your authority level. By implementing a curated content strategy, we produce more with higher frequency helping you with high website traffic.


A content strategy needs management. It requires establishing an editorial calendar, image selection, quotes, curation & more. Besides a consistent content editorial line helps attract and retain clearly defined audiences. Driving the audience you want ultimately generates profitable customer action

Content Value & Relevancy

You can use content creation and publishing as a marketing strategy so long as you deliver value and the information contained is relevant to the reader. Our goal is to create content that keeps the site visitor engaged while we maintain control of their browsing experience. Your end goal is to drive a specific action or result from the content you put out there.


People love a good story especially when it’s told with cadence and entertainment.  The Internet is a volatile space where you can lose your visitor with just one click. We focus on storytelling, we present your content in a way that is easy to digest, we focus on engagement and readability.

Relationship Building

Consistency is the key to a successful long-term content strategy. Becoming the loyal and trusted information source for your regular and new visitors is crucial. Just like you get excited when your search is over and you find the information you need; your visitors will experience the same feeling when they find relevant quality content on your website.

Which of the Following Headlines Applies to You?

Content marketing is not for my line of business.

Almost any business can benefit from a content strategy. Your website is only a click away from another website, often it’s the allure of good content what makes people click on that article, headline or blog post. Adding content to your website increases its value.

Creating content is time consuming and I lose focus.

We agree, it is time consuming and unless you have the discipline and an editorial calendar that you commit to, your content creation strategy will weaken with time. Consistency is key, that is why outsourcing your content is a viable alternative for your site.

I create content but my website traffic is low.

You need a strategy to generate traffic, this involves great content and an effective way to promote it. We specialize in content writing that is relevant and contains the keywords and search terms most commonly used in your industry. A solid strategy will get you traffic.

I believe in content marketing and need to improve it.

If you are already experiencing success with content marketing you may want to consider increasing the frequency and production of articles, blog posts and news. In other words, you need a content engine. We have the tools and staff to take you to another level.

Increase Your Site or Personal Authority



Creating new original content that offers good, valuable information can enhance your authority level. Your professional experience, industry knowledge, the behind the scenes stuff that people want to know about are some of the topics you can use to become an authority figure in your field, city, region, hobby or more.

Contact Click Kahuna to write your content and develop an authority strategy for your site or personal profile.

We write evergreen content that stays fresh as time goes by, we use the right amount of keyword density and search terms that gets the attention of Google, Bing and more.

Leverage Authority Content & Go Viral

curated content


The Internet is full of articles, news and blogs from original authors and curators. Curated content is an activity that gathers information relevant to a particular topic.  We sort through large amounts of content and present it in a meaningful and organized way.

Content curation can help you with speed, time-to-market, production and value. A good selection of repurposed content can drive large volumes of traffic to your site.

We are staffed with qualified writers that aggregate and curate information daily.




Online video advertising has a name – YouTube Ads. It’s simply the most powerful video search engine helping you to showcase your business. Reach future customers when they watch or search for videos – and only pay when they click and show interest.

YouTube advertising is not like managing PPC for Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Success on YouTube requires expert knowledge about video marketing. Reach out to Click Kahuna, we understand how to use YouTube Ads.

Get your ads in front of people who would be interested in what your business offers. Launch advertising campaigns to people based on location, age, interests and more. You decide who sees your video ads.

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