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Facebook Advertising is tremendously effective. An eMarketer study explains that 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook the most effective social media advertising platform. Over 90% of your potential customers use this social media platform but to make it work, nurture a relationship and sell you need to know how to create the ads, select the right audience and more.


Facebook for business is likely the fastest growing advertising platform. It allows you to build a relationship with your customers from awareness, to nurturing to asking for the sale. those who have not converted to customers can be retargeted using the Facebook pixel, a trackable token assigned to people who click or visit your website.  You can test offers, and determine what works best for you and much more.

Selecting a target audience

On Facebook, you can specify your customer profile with great detail, using demographics, geography, interests & more. You can also create similar or lookalike audiences that match profiles like the clients on your mailing list. You can also create audiences based on the actions that some of your visitors take on Facebook or your website.

Creating your Ads

Let’s be clear, boosting a post is not the same as creating a Facebook Ad. When you create an Ad, you are building a campaign that starts with the goal you set for the ad. Goals can be build traffic, brad awareness, engagement, lead generation, website conversions or complete sales using online stores like Shopify. 

Analyzing the results

Facebook excels at sharing results data. Armed with this information we will help refine your offers, understand who buys from you, from where, which gender, age group and much more. We analyze the data and suggest changes. We provide a full Facebook marketing solution for your business, we manage all your campaigns.

Which of the Following Headlines Applies to You?

My customers don’t buy on Social Media. 

It’s a myth. More than 90% of your customers have a Facebook account. Facebook Ads offer many goal setting options, so if you want to use it for awareness, announcements, engagement, events, find leads or sell you can use Facebook to talk to your customers.

I tried Facebook Ads and it didn’t work. So, I stopped.

Success with Facebook requires study and preparation. You need to know how to use it so you can be effective. If you don’t have the time of prefer to focus on your business, you can delegate it to us for a professional management of your Facebook business pages.

I boost my posts but it doesn’t convert.

You’re not alone. Social media effectiveness can be very evasive. We create posts and campaigns tied to results not just for likes and shares. Social media is data driven, we profile your target by income, age, interests, behaviors, language, profession, hobbies and more.

I’ve had success with Facebook Ads but I’m no expert.

If there is room for improvement we will find it. We make a difference using marketing automation, managing Google analytics data to boost your results. We specialize in advanced digital marketing for businesses like yours.

Sell, Nurture Relationships, Get Leads



We create your Ads after we understand your business needs and goals. To attain your expectations, we proceed to find where your prospects hang out like a group they follow, a page they visit, a hobby or magazines they read for example. We create a message with visual images that speak to this crowd. We include a call-to-action aligned with your goal like driving more traffic to your site or take an action on your Facebook page to increase awareness.

Trust Click Kahuna with your Facebook Ads, we specialize on this platform. Our expert staff creates compelling and effective Ads & Campaigns.

Contact Click Kahuna Facebook Marketing and start getting Facebook to work for your business.

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