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Here’s 4 things you need to know about

Internet marketing for your local business…

1. Never assume that because you are not selling your wares online, you should not have a digital presence.

Customers search online and usually make up their mind about their preference outside of your business location.

If you don’t give them the opportunity to check your business online, that business opportunity is lost. 

2. Use every offline opportunity you have to build and grow your mailing list.

From the casual business card exchange, to a forever present “share your email to get offers, deals and news” callout at your location, always aim to get that email address.

It’s priceless. 

3. Use Local Digital Banner Ads on Google or Facebook Ads.

Google’s display ad network allows for small businesses to be able to create a banner and then display it on websites in their online community.

Facebook ads are powerful and cost effective for local Internet marketing.

4. Should we mention Social Media? Of course…

Is there a better way to showcase your business locally?

Events, posts, images, news, messages, pins, videos, live sessions… you name it.

There’s a myriad of opportunities to let locals know about your business. Just make sure you’re not always selling.

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