The marketing engine that works unattended performing repetitive actions to promote your business.

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What is this marketing engine? It’s called marketing automation and it’s a software program that runs permanently performing marketing actions on your behalf while you focus on running your business. Before social media became popular it was only through email marketing that you could interact automatically with your customers. With social media, live streaming, and many other touch points you cannot rely on email marketing to nurture your business relationships.


When you use marketing automation your business can react to many actions and responses that your customers take online. Like sharing an email, filling out a form, attending an event, enters your sales pipeline. You can even assign a value to each action and calculate a score that allows you to make additional marketing touches. For example, once a customer has accumulated a certain score value you can trigger a notification to a salesperson and establish a human connection.

Automation Workflows

Automation allows you to manage repetitive tasks more effectively like:

  • Email marketing
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Segmentation

A Sample Workflow

  1. You send an email invitation to download an eBook
  2. You send a thank you email to all the people that downloaded the eBook offer
  3. A few days later, you send a follow up email offering a case study
  4.  When someone downloads the case study, your sales team will get a notification

Starting Automation

Click Kahuna is Florida’s # 1 digital marketing agency delivering marketing automation for small and medium business. Our automation starts with your email marketing campaigns, then we automate your social media postings and interactions, finally we implement a scoring system to assign a value score to your customer’s reaction. Armed with this you can start your marketing engine.

I’m new to online marketing, I can’t use automation yet

Any day that goes by an online presence is a lost day that can’t be recovered. Timing, perseverance and patience are essential to your success. Review one of our other services so you can get started and later benefit from automation.


Sounds good but looks complicated and expensive

Marketing automation is better performed by professional online marketers. It requires technical and marketing knowledge to make it work efficiently. Once implemented it usually gives an accelerated ROI.

I don’t have a mailing list I can’t use automation

Automation is ideal to start building a mailing list. If you are dedicating advertising dollars to online marketing you should consider using automation to take your online marketing to another level.

Sounds like this is a step in the right direction

Businesses who understand the value of online marketing will easily realize that implementing automation workflows is a step up from their current initiatives. With this process in place you will have a more sophisticated marketing than your competition



Email MArketing


An email workflow tracks interactions like, forwarding, replies, opens, link clicks, delivery, segmented distribution. When a recipient takes any of these actions the workflow process is triggered following a pre-established set of marketing steps.

At Click Kahuna we create and manage workflows for your email campaigns.

Contact us for more details.

Automation for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin



Imagine running your social media on autopilot. By using automation, you can consistently publish on social media based on an editorial calendar. Your posts will show following a schedule with one single effort instead of a tedious repetitive access to each social media.

Social Media management is very important. At click Kahuna we create your editorial calendars and publish regularly on your behalf.

We assign experienced social media managers, community managers and campaign experts to keep your business growing.

Assigning Value to Customer's Reactions



We believe this is the ultimate level of sophistication when it comes to marketing automation. Lead scoring is a powerful concept that will increase your ROI by zeroing in on the quality of the reactions of your customer. Let’s take an email campaign for example, you assign an email open a value of 3 whereas an email forward has a value of 5. Under a lead scoring system, a recipient that opens an email and finds enough value to forward it has a reaction value amounting to a lead scoring of 8 (5+3). In addition, if your email are offers an eBook download valued at 7 points and the recipient clicks on a link to receive the eBook and then fills out a form valued at 12 points, the new “lead scoring” for the recipient is 27 (5+3+7+12). Who do you think has the potential to convert to a customer? Someone who only opens your email and has a lead score of 3 or the example above with a score of 27? This is what a lead scoring system allows you to do.

At Click Kahuna we specialize in implementing a lead scoring system and developing the marketing workflows that will trigger once a customer reaches a certain points threshold.

Run your marketing based on the value of the reactions that your customers take, focus on increasing their lead score or taking immediate actions once they reach a certain threshold. All these actions can be automated in a single software platform.

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