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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential component of your online success. We start by tackling the foundation of SEO, the most technical part, often neglected. Getting your website registered with Google, Bing and Yahoo will help you cover almost 100% of the most common searches. When we perform these activities your website organic growth starts right away, in very little time.


Once we have created the technical foundation for your website SEO we proceed to search for the most relevant keywords and phrases that people use to search for your product or services. We use proprietary technology and human analysis to determine such terms. We incorporate the results of the research on your website pages. Your website will start showing in rankings in a matter of days.

Applying the SEO Magic Dust

Google, Bing & Yahoo

According to Commscore Google accounts for over 60% of searches with Bing in second place with a distant but healthy 27% share, while Yahoo accounts to 12%. We will register your website on all three to:

  • Improve SEO for all possible search terms
  • Get your website ranked high

Keyword Research & Focus

We build your keyword list, create the search phrases, distribute them throughout the website:

  • Relevant keywords
  • High-traffic keywords
  • Common search terms

Web Page Optimization

Search engines want to read your website pages and show them to your customers. To accomplish this, we optimize the findability of your page by changing:

  • Your page title
  • Your page description and more

Which of the Following Headlines Applies to You?

My website doesn’t show on Google searches.

Ranking a website requires a disciplined effort. It’s labor intensive but achievable. We take the time to make this happen. We will get you ranked solidly. Your website will show consistently on searches in your targeted area. It requires knowledge and we have it.

My competitor website is ranking higher.

It may be time for your competitor to start worrying about your rankings and not the other way around. In a matter of weeks our diligent work will start showing great results that will only improve with time and a consistent SEO service. We help you along the way.

Ugly & dated websites rank before mine.

Why is that? Well, good rankings depend on how the SEO homework was done. When done correctly Search Engine Optimization does not depend on a dazzling website, it depends on the right keyword research and the foundation groundwork that we do.

My site ranking is good but I want better results.

Achieving this depends on on-going research and creating a link strategy that benefits your site. Whom you link to, outbound links and backlinks is important. Also, the value of the content of your pages is a big factor. Count on us to help you build a strong SEO.

Google, Bing & Yahoo



We help Florida businesses go from total obscurity to getting prominently listed on Google and Bing search pages. Our SEO BASICS package includes registering your site with Google, Bing and Yahoo. A second step is linking your website to the search console and analytics software that gives us input on performance.

Contact Click Kahuna to create a solid SEO foundation for your website. SEO BASICS is a must before you even attempt to rank with keywords.

We register and verify your business with Google, Bing and Yahoo. We upload your sitemap to these search engines so they can index your pages and more.

Keywords, Page Optimization



This package includes all the elements and tasks involved in the SEO BASICS package plus all the elements required for page optimization, including, Page Title, Page Description, Image description, Header creation (Heading 1 or H1, Heading 2 or H2, Snippets, on-site links and more. In other words, it includes all the information that Google and Bing expect to receive about your site pages to further index and show them.

SEO OPTIMAL is a detailed and meticulous work performed after researching your position against your competitors, what keywords they rank for. We excel at performing this package.

We assign experienced SEO experts to complete your SEO OPTIMAL. Your results will be outstanding.

Quality Content SEO



Once we cover the basics plus your page optimization, your site is ready for a content boost or content SEO. The quality of the content you provide joined with a good backlink strategy and keyword research turns your website into a visitor destination. Quality content matters to the search engines.

We help you create great original content, aggregate content from authority sources, blogging and an advanced backlink strategy. ¬†Writing guides, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, checklists, how-to’s and research are some of the best assets to enhance your rankings.

Take you site SEO to the stars with your SEO OPTIMIZED package. Our professional group of content creators is ready to help you succeed even more.

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